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Product Code : 9834
Cable Charger hoco U127 iPhone
ខ្សែសាកជ័រ ភ្លើងពណ៌ hoco U127 iPhone

(Available) $5.00

Products Description
1. Length: 1.2m. Weight: 30g
2. Outer material:48 weaving nylon yarn
3. Joint material:ABS surface plating
4. Core: (45/0.1)*2+(16/0.08)*3
5. Support 2.4A charging
6. After powering on, the remaining power of the mobile phone can be displayed in real time

Cable Charger hoco U127 also available for other model  
Cable Charger hoco U127 iPhone  (Available) $5.00
Cable Charger hoco U127 PD Type-C to iPhone  (Available) $5.00

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