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Product Code : 9244
Power Car Charger XO CC49 transparent 2.4A set Micro
ឆ្នាំងសាកក្នុងឡាន អ៊ិចអូ XO CC49 2.4A ថ្លា ឈុត Micro

(Available) $4.00

Products Description
Input: DC12-24V
Output: USB-A/B:5V2.4A (12W)
Total output: 5V2.4A
material quality:PC
Dimensions: length * diameter: 43 * 24 * 24mm, weight: 11 ± 1g

Power Car Charger XO CC49 also available for other model  
Power Car Charger XO CC49 transparent 2.4A  (Available) $3.00
Power Car Charger XO CC49 transparent 2.4A set iPhone  (Available) $4.00
Power Car Charger XO CC49 transparent 2.4A set Micro  (Available) $4.00
Power Car Charger XO CC49 transparent 2.4A set TypeC  (Available) $4.00

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car sun protector 6in1

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Fan Rechargeable Wall Hanging Rabbit

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Smart Watch XO W3 Pro

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Desk Lamp LED XO OZ04 Light 3color 1200mAh

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Camera wifi only With Solar Power 2M(1080p)

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Power Car Cigarette AC-220V to DC-12V 10A

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Camera Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IT3FS 3.6mm IR 50m With Mic

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Cable ATV RCA to RCA 10m

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Case Flip Cover PTN114 Samsung Note8

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