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Product Code : 8368
Flash OTG 4in1(USB2.0+Lightning+TypeC+Micro) XO DK04 64GB
ផ្លាស់​ OTG 4in1(USB2.0+Lightning+TypeC+Micro) អ៊ិចអូ DK04 ទំហំ 64ជី

(Available) $10.00

Products Description
■Product features: suitable for external expansion of iPhone and iPad mobile phones and tablets, reading and writing data; suitable for OTG expansion of Android phones (Micro interface); suitable for external storage of desktops, notebooks, smart TVs, high-definition players, car systems, etc.; zinc Alloy shell, pearl nickel technology, metallic luster, beautiful, sturdy and durable; reserved hanging holes
■Support system: Windows XP/7/8/10+, Mac OS X 10.5 +, Linux 2.4.x +, Android 4.0 + (need to support OTG), IOS10+ (need to be used with APP).
■Product Name: USB 2.0 Four-in-One Apple U Disk
■Model: 32G/64G/128G/256G (the sample is 32G)
■Material: Zinc Alloy
■Size: 45*41*6.3±2mm
■Weight: 10.8±2g
■Interface: USB2.0+MicroUSB2.0+Lightning+TYPE-C
■Reading speed (A port) (MB/s): 15-30MB/S
■Write speed (port A) (MB/s): 5-15MB/S
■APP Store software: Y-Disk
■Factory file system: 32GB and below FAT32, 64GB and above EXFAT

Flash OTG 4in1(USB2.0+Lightning+TypeC+Micro) XO DK04 also available for other model  
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Flash OTG 4in1(USB2.0+Lightning+TypeC+Micro) XO DK04 32GB  (Available) $9.00
Flash OTG 4in1(USB2.0+Lightning+TypeC+Micro) XO DK04 64GB  (Available) $10.00

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