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Product Code : 7708
Cable HDMI XO GB001 8K ULTRA-HD 5m
ខ្សែ HDMI XO GB001 8K ULTRA HD ប្រវែង 5ម

(Available) $12.00

Products Description
■Supports standard HDMI interface
■Support video output from 8K
■Support laptop, tablet and desktop computer
■No driver required, plug and play
■HDMI plug shackle plating
■Aluminum housing at both ends
■The wire has an environmentally friendly PVC pure copper conductor
■Length: 1500MM/3000MM/5000MM

Cable HDMI XO GB001 8K ULTRA-HD also available for other model  
Cable HDMI XO GB001 8K ULTRA-HD 1.5m  (No Stock) $7.00
Cable HDMI XO GB001 8K ULTRA-HD 3m  (No Stock) $9.00
Cable HDMI XO GB001 8K ULTRA-HD 5m  (Available) $12.00

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Cable HDMI FullHD 3m

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Mousepad hoco GM22 Aurora (800*300*2mm)

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Converter Mini HDMI to HDMI

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Laptop Stand XO C78 foldable

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Converter TypeC to USB*3 hoco HB11

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Writing board colourful pen (8.5 inch)

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Converter Lightning to 2Lightning hoco LS24

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Solar Lamp 5in1 light Ball 42LED

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DVR Hikvision DS-7204HQHI-M1-Audio+AcuSense

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Vaccum cup with temperature 500ml A308

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HDD 3.5" WD Green 1TB

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Fish Net Easy Throw Zinc Pendant 420Pcs

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Power Supply CCTV Camera DC12V-10A

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Antique Desk Telephone GSM B06

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Water saving device

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Screen Protector hoco G3 Samsung S10

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Alcohol tester

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Gas Stove Portable Namilux NA-194 AS

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LED Selfie Ring Live 10" 26cm 1 clipper (Ring Fill Light)

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Socket Wifi SECTEC ST-SC02-TYUS 4S-4USB Tuya

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