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Product Code : 6657
Power Charger Hoco C81 Micro
ឆ្នាំងសាក​ ហូកូ C81 មានខ្សែម៉ាយក្រូ

(Coming Soon) $3.00

Products Description
1. Input: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz 0.4A
2. Output: USB: 5V-2.1A
         Total output: 5V-2.1A
3. USplug4. Flame retardant PC material, durable.
5. Single USB output, multiple circuit protection, compatible with more than 99% USB charging digital devices
6. Equipped with X37 cool card data cable, white 7. Size: 62 * 42 * 25mm, cable length: 1 meter, total weight: 56g

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