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Product Code : 6345
Cable Charger Hoco U72 iphone 1.2m
ខ្សែសាកស្រោបក្រណាត់ ហូកូ​ U72 អាយហ្វូន

(Available) $4.00

Products Description
1. Length 1.2 meters Weight 29g
2. Material: Silicone
3. Connector: TPE
4. Rated current: 2.4A, support data transmission
5. 122pcs Four-core tin-plated oxygen-free copper core wire

Cable Charger Hoco U72 also available for other model  
Cable Charger Hoco U72 iphone 1.2m  (Available) $4.00

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Case magnetic PTN161 iPhone 14 PRO MAX

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Power Bank Remax RPP-609(PD/QC) LED 60000mAh

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