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Product Code : 5910
Power Car Charger Hoco Z31A(PD+QC3.0)
ឆ្នាំសាកក្នុឡាន ហូកូ Z31A រុនសាក 2

(Available) $6.00

Products Description
1. Input: DC12 – 24V.
2. Output:
USB: 3.6V – 6.5V / 3A, 6.6 – 9V / 2A, 9.1V – 12V / 1.5A 18W.
Type-C: 5V – 2A (PD), 9V – 2A (PD), 12V – 1.5A (PD) 18W.
Total output: DC5V / 3.4A max.
3. Material: PC flame-retardant shell, sturdy and durable.

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Inverter Car Cigarette DC-12V to AC-220V 200W

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Car Lock Steering double Hook

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Inverter Car Cigarette XO CZ011 DC-12V to AC-220V 200W

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Power Car Charger cigarette 3port hoco Z13 LCD

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Car Bluetooth FM transmitter XO BCC08 3.1A

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Car Power Cable Charging Booster 4M

(No Stock) $9.00

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Car Bluetooth FM transmitter hoco E76 Pole PD45W+QC3.0

(Available) $13.30

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Power Car Charger Hoco ​Z36 Cable iPhone

(Available) $5.00

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Projector Laser Lamp Galaxy Cloud Nebula

(No Stock) $32.00

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Fan Mini Rechargeable XO MF58 LED

(Available) $9.00

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Shoes clean+brightenr agent

(No Stock) $5.00

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Antique Desk Telephone GSM B01

(Available) $59.00

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USB Extension Cable 3.0 hoco U107 1.2m

(Available) $3.00

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Tent 3m*3m

(Available) $69.00

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Foldable table picnic 60*120cm A8581

(Available) $29.00

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Wall Clock D-018 80-130CM

(Available) $10.00

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DSP hair dryer set Model:80103A

(No Stock) $28.00

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Screen Protector 9D dustproof hoco A34 iPhone 15

(Available) $2.50

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Case Clear Soft Color Full PTN127 iPhone 11 PRO MAX

(Available) $2.00

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Selfie Stick Tripod Bluetooth Remote P170S LED Flash 1.7m

(No Stock) $7.00

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Hair trimmer sonifer SF-9537

(No Stock) $15.00

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Slow juicer 150W RAF R.2838

(Available) $49.00

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Case Lens Cover PTN156 iPhone 11

(No Stock) $2.30

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Screen Protector hoco Private A12 Pro iPhone 14 Pro

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