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Product Code : 9727
Mosquito Killer + Portable light XO YH10 1200mA(2in1)
ម៉ាស៊ីនឆក់ម៉ូស +អំពូលភ្លើង XO YH10 1200mA(2in1)

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Products Description
■Operation mode: light touch button switch
■LED light source model and power: 8pcs of high brightness 5730 LED lamp beads Actual power: 2W
■ Battery type capacity and model: single 1200mA * 1 section / power 18650 lithium battery
■ mosquito mode (hours) ≥ 8 hours, night light mode ≥ 30 hours, outdoor lighting mode ≥ 28 hours
■Operating modes: first gear mosquito mode, second gear night light mode, long press outdoor lighting mode
■Colour rendering index (CRI): RA ≥ 70
■Colour temperature: about 10000K
■Lighting level: 360 degrees
■Luminous flux: about 400 Lm
■Material: new ABS + electronic components
■Electrical parameters and charging time: Type-C charging cable / about 4 hours
■Product size about: 160105 * 105MM Weight: about 260 g
■Accessories list:: outdoor mosquito lamp * 1 Type-C charging cable * 1 cleaning brush * 1 instructions 1
■ Detailed description of the power supply: 18650 can be rechargeable batteries. Light source: LED light source . Comes with a hook for easy hanging and fixing. Button first gear mosquito mode, second gear night light mode, long press outdoor lighting mode. Charging method: USB inserted into the output (5V) Features: outdoor camping lighting, lightweight travelling, 360 ° purple light powerful mosquito control, guarding you a mosquito-free environment.

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