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Product Code : 9619
Power Bank hoco J108A 20000mAh(PD/QC/FCP/AFC)
ថ្មជំនួយ hoco J108A (PD/QC/FCP/AFC) 20000មីលីអំពែ

(Available) $18.00

Products Description
1, Capacity: 20000mAh 74Wh Rated capacity: 11000mAh
2, input: Micro: 18W; Type-C:18W(PD/QC/FCP/AFC)
3, Output: USB-A 1/2: 22.5W (QC/SCP/FCP/AFC);
Type-C:20W(PD/QC/FCP/AFC); Total output: 5V/3A
4, Display: LED digital display power
5, Material: ABS+PC flame retardant shell lithium polymer battery
6, Size: 142*68*29mm; Weight: 406g

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Power Bank Hoco J111B Smartg 30000mAh

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Power Bank hoco J121A 20W(PD/QC/FCP/AFC) 20000mAh

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Power Bank hocoJ102 Cool figure PD20W+QC3.0 10000mAh

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Power Bank WUW Y128 13500mAh

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Power Bank Hoco J104 Discovery 22.5W fully 10000mAh

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Power Bank hoco J86A 50000mAh Full LED(PD,QC,FCP/SCP,AFC,VOOC,DASH)

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Power Bank hoco J121 20W(PD/QC/FCP/AFC) 10000mAh

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Power Bank hoco J108 10000mAh(PD/QC/FCP/AFC)

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Nano light UV Machine

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Screen Protector 9D dustproof hoco A34 iPhone 12 Pro Max

(Available) $2.50

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Case Clear Lens Cover PTN154 iPhone 11pro max

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Case Clear Hanger fram color PTN146 iPhone 11 Pro max

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Holder Tripod mini Style B With Clipper

(Available) $1.30

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Cable Splitter AUX 3.5mm 2 Speaker Out

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Cable Charger Hoco U27 Micro

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Power Charger Hoco C96 Micro

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Food chopper DSP KM-4072 2.0L

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Blender DSP KJ2020 3in1 1.5L

(No Stock) $38.00

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Converter Lightning to Lightning+3.5mm XO NB-R172B

(No Stock) $5.00

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Electric blender mini 0.6L KM-101

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Kitchen seasoning 5 layer

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Mosquito Insect Killer LED 220V-6W Model 606

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Car Bluetooth FM transmitter hoco E72 PD30W

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USB blender rechargebale mini DM-888

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