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Product Code : 9581
USB LED Club light Snow man magic ball
អំពូលក្លឹប បាល់វេទមន្តបុរសព្រិលUSB 5V

(Available) $3.20

Products Description
Product power: 5V USB
Product voltage: 100-240V
Frequency: 135Hz-15khz
Range: 10m (33ft)
Lamp diameter: 157mm / 6.18 "
Lamp length: 80mm / 3.15 "
Light color: colorful RGB rotating mixing
Lamp beads: 6 pieces with 6 colors
Net weight: 95g
Product size: 130x100mm / 5.12x3.94 ''
Applicable occasions: KTV rooms, nightclubs, home party, etc.

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LED Club Crystal Magic Ball Light

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Speaker Bluetooth XO F22

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Cable 3.5mm AUX hoco UPA16 2m

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Converter Lightning to AUX3.5 XO NB-R155A

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Speaker Bluetooth hoco BS57 (2 Wireless Mics)

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Speaker Bluetooth XO F27

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KaraOK Bluetooth Speaker XO BE30

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Cable Charger D&M C17 Micro

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Screen Protector hoco G16 iPhone 14 Pro(10PCS)

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Power Strip hoco AC12 2socket 3USB 1Type-C: 30W(PD/QC/FCP/AFC)

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Case Lens Cover PTN157 iPhone 11

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Case Clear 3D PTI02 iPad Pro 11 2020

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Case Clear PTN138 iPhone 13 pro max

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Case Lens Cover PTN157 iPhone 13pro max

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Lens Protector 9H iPhone 13mini/13

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Smart Watch hoco Y12 Ultra (Call Version)

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Tent A822 200x200x150cm

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Power Car Charger hoco Z21 iPhone

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Coffee maker RAF 800W R.123

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HUB Converter USB to USB3.0/USB2.0*3 hoco HB25

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Power Car Charger PD40W hoco NZ3 set TypeC to iPhone

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Cable HDMI FullHD 10m

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Camera wifi 360 SECTEC ST-BM289-2M 1080p+temperature

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