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Product Code : 9340
Speaker Bluetooth hoco BS57 (2 Wireless Mics)
បាស់ប្ល៊ូធូសប្រើថ្ម ហូកូ BS57 មានមេក្រូប៊្លូធូស2

(Available) $75.00

Products Description
1, Size: 250*165*135mm; Weight: 1.9kg
2, Bluetooth 5.0; chip: mountain view MV1048B
3, Battery capacity: speaker 4800mAh; Charge for about 6 hours
4. Use time: 8 hours of speaker (6 hours of light on mode)
5, Speaker: 5.25 inch, power: 25W
6. Support Bluetooth, TF card, U disk, AUX, TWS and other modes
7. Support dual wireless microphone (with double mark) and wired microphone input, support music dazzling lighting

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Speaker Bluetooth hoco BS55 Gallant outdoor

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Microphone LIVE mini Clip XO MKF01 3.5mm

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Speaker Bluetooth XO F24

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ironing board clothes(ធំ)

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Case Clear XO K01 Samsung S24 Ultra

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Cable Charger Magnetic Hoco U20 Apple+Micro

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Case KAKU Plain series PTI12 ipad mini 4/5

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Holder Car hoco CA94 Polaris push-type air

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Lens Protector hoco 3D Metal A18 iPhone12 mini

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Holder desk stand hoco PH50 Ivey folding

(Coming Soon) $4.00

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Cable Charger XO NB-P171 2.4A iPhone

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Sandwich Maker 850W RAF R.200

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Coffee cup vacuum A8582 600ml

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Power Car Charger XO TZ11 PD+QC3.0 20W+PD Cable

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GPS Tracker Anti-Lost and Theft device

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BBQ charcoal size 32cm 8571

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Wall Clock D-018 80-130CM

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