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Product Code : 9275
Converter TypeC to USB XO NB201 OTG
ឌុយបំឡែង OTG XO NB201 Type C ទៅ USB

(Available) $2.20

Products Description
■Cable length: 150mm, weight: 9g
■Outer quilt material: TPE
■ Joint material: 150A TPE rubber black
■Core: (43/0.08TS+250D)*2C (red·black)+(16/0.08TS+250D)*2C(white·green)
Black TPE OD3.5 (3364 PE material is used for all core wires)
■ Function: OTG.USB 2.0 transmission speed 480Mbp
■Model production: Micro /I5/TYPE-C
■ Color: gun gray aluminum shell + black plastic
■Compatible system: equipment that supports OTG function, Micro /I5/TYPE-C

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Converter USB to Type-C

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Converter Type-C to Type-C+3.5mm XO NB-R172D

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Converter USB Male to Type-C female hoco UA17

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Converter Micro to Lightingg XO NB149B

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OTG Micro Card Reader YHL18

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Power Car Charger cigarette 3port hoco C1

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Strap Milanese stell SWS05 iWatch 38/40mm

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Webcam hoco GM101 2K HD

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Cable Charger Smart Watch hoco Y12

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Power Car Charger QC3.0 Hoco ​Z39 Set TypeC

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Converter VGA to HDMI

(No Stock) $4.00

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Camera Car 2in1 with back camera A10

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Car Tire Pressure Digital 9in1

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Waffle maker DSP KC1048

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Water Quality Tester TDS-3

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Earphone wire Hoco M1 Max crystal mic

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Large shoulder messenger crocodile bag

(Available) $15.00

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Screen Protector hoco G14 iPhone 12/12 Pro(10PCS)

(Available) $5.70

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Air fryer 6.8L 1600W RAF R.5328

(No Stock) $55.00

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Deep fryer 7.5L 2000W R.5249

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Power Strip 481 2Socket 3USB

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