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Product Code : 9274
Converter Lightning to USB XO NB201 OTG
ឌុយបំឡែង OTG XO NB201 ឌុយអាយហ្វូនទៅ USB

(Available) $5.80

Products Description
■Cable length: 150mm, weight: 9g
■Outer quilt material: TPE
■ Joint material: 150A TPE rubber black
■Core: (43/0.08TS+250D)*2C (red·black)+(16/0.08TS+250D)*2C(white·green)
Black TPE OD3.5 (3364 PE material is used for all core wires)
■ Function: OTG.USB 2.0 transmission speed 480Mbp
■Model production: Micro /I5/TYPE-C
■ Color: gun gray aluminum shell + black plastic
■Compatible system: equipment that supports OTG function, Micro /I5/TYPE-C

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Flash TypeC/USB 3.0 XO U50 256GB

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