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Product Code : 9214
Earphone Wire XO EP63 Calf Sports semi
កាសខ្សែ XO EP63 Calf Sports semi ឌុយមូល

(Available) $1.50

Products Description
Earphone type: Plastic in-ear type
Plug diameter: 3.5mm
Sound principle: moving coil
Horn diameter: 10(φmm)
Wire length: TPE main line 2.3/4C 1530*0.4M double parallel TPE round line L=1.20M±0.03M
Horn impedance: 16Ω
Spirit sensitivity: 89±3dB(dB)
Horn power: 3-5MW
Frequency response range: 20-20000 hz (hz
Optional color: Black/white
Product functions: Play/Pause answer/hang up Long press 3S to reject an answer Double click Play button to play the next song Three click play button to play the next song
Product material: TPE wire material, ABS material
Product configuration: ordinary horn, TPE wire
Weight: 12.4±0.2g

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