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Product Code : 8984
Power Bank Hoco J101 Astute 22.5W 10000mAh
ថ្មជំនួយ ហូកូ J101 Handsome 10000 មីលីអំពែ

(Available) $11.00

Products Description
1. Capacity: 10000mAh 37Wh; Rated capacity: 5900mAh
2. Input: Type-C/Micro: 5V/2A
3. Output: USB-A 1/2: 5V/2.1A; total output: 5V/2.1A
4. Display: LED light shows the power
5. Material: ABS+PC flame retardant shell+lithium polymer battery
6. Size: 136*68*15mm Weight: 220g

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Power Bank hoco J86 40000mAh Full LED (PD,QC,FCP/SCP,AFC,VOOC,DASH)

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Power Bank hoco J86A 50000mAh Full LED(PD,QC,FCP/SCP,AFC,VOOC,DASH)

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Case Flip Cover clear PTN07 iPhone 11 ProMax

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Case Magnetic Charging PTN145 iPhone 14pro max

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Screen Protector hoco G3 Samsung S10

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Microphone LIVE mini Clip XO MKF01 3.5mm

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Power Charger XO L103 QC3.0 18W Set TypeC

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Power Charger XO L36 QC3.0 iPhone

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Holder Car Hoco CA62 rear pillow

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Power Charger Hoco C106 Leisure TypeC

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Micro SD XO High Speed 8GB

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Solar Lamp bulb 7W

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Disposal baking aluminum air fryer 20cm (5L)

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Inverter Car Cigarette DC-12V to AC-220V 200W

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Belt Brace Posture Real Doctor

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