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Product Code : 854
Holder iPad 201
ជើងទ្រអាយផែត 201

(Available) $15.00 $10.00

Products Description
Cradle Stand 201 iphone / iPad / Tablet Holder fold, easy to carry anywhere
Cradle iPad, iPhone or Smartphone, Tablet models easy to carry anywhere you can tweak the iPad / the iPad A Mini / the iPad as Air / the iPhone /
smartphone support. Tablet from 3cm to 24.5cm
can be made from 40 to 280 degrees
wide base width 52cm high 38cm lightweight about 400g
. To sit or to sleep is no way to fall
comfortably anywhere in the back garden. Or work out
Weighing only 0.4 kg only folded

Weight: 0.4kg
Rotation: -40 to 280 degrees
Height: 27-38cm
tilt adjustable 6 levels
adjustable width: 52 cm.
Folded: 9.7 * 7 * 40.3cm
Support: iPad, Tablet, Galaxy Tab, Smart phone all versions.

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