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Product Code : 8270
Converter Lightning to AUX3.5+Lightning hoco LS32
ឌុយបំលែងកាសទៅកាសម៉ូល3.5" និងសាកថ្ម ហូកូ​ LS32

(Available) $6.00

Products Description
1, Material: ABS
2. Size: 38.5*23*9mm; Weight: 4.6g
3. Audio plug: 3.5mm interface
4. Wire control: support
5. Microphone: not supported
6. Charging port: Lightning interface; current 2A"

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Converter TypeC to AUX 3.5mm Female XO NB-R161

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Converter OTG XO NB186 Lightning To USB Adapter

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Converter USB2.0 to Micro XO NB149G

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Camera wifi 360 SECTEC ST-351-2M-TY 1080p Tuya

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Holder Stand TV+Pallet ST600 32-55"

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Solar Lamp LED Street Lights 3Rows 24Lamp 1000W

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Anti Wireless GPS Signal Detector G318

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Power Car Charger cigarette 1port hoco Z29

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Massager Muscle Gun Rechargeable

(Available) $15.00

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Connector RJ45 Cat6 Set

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Flash TypeC/USB 3.0 XO U50 128GB

(No Stock) $19.00

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Vacuum cup travel A805 600ml

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Garment steamer 1800W R.3038BDB

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Case Clear Soft Color Fram PTN130 iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Air cooler DSP 9.0L KD3074

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Air fry DSP 5.5L KB2122

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Power Strip hoco AC11 2socket 3USB 1TypeC (3.4A)

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Screen Protector 9H OPPO F5

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infrared cooker RAF 3500W R.8004

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