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Product Code : 794
Gamepad Bluetooth iPega PG-9057
ដៃហ្គេម iPega PG-9057

(Available) $70.00 $10.00

Products Description
- Model: PG-9057
- Operating voltage: DC3.7V
- Operating voltage Current: 25mA ~ 30mA
- Use Time: continuous use when no vibration time: 25H; continuous use time vibration: 12H
- Charging input voltage: DC5V
- Charging Input Current: ≤500mA
- Wireless / Bluetooth transmission distance: ≤8M
- Battery Capacity: 600mAh
- Telescopic Size: 45 ~ 95mm (maximum support 6 inches)

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Smart TV BOX H96 MAX V11 4GB 32GB

(Available) $35.00

Product code:9451 (233Hits)
Fan Cooler XO SL01 Integrated

(No Stock) $1.70

Product code:7531 (1938Hits)
GamePad Mobile game finger cots hoco GM4 (1Pair)

(Available) $0.50

Product code:4541 (2196Hits)
GamePad Mobile Joystick G3 Metal

(Available) $1.50

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GamePad Mobile Joystick MN Metal

(Available) $1.50

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Gamepad hoco GM9 PS4 multi-function

(Available) $25.00 $15.00

Product code:1734 (2133Hits)
Joystick Two Player

(Available) $49.00 $37.00

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Gamepad Bluetooth New S3+Clip

(No Stock) $12.00 $6.00

Product code:8641 (367Hits)
Camera wifi 360 SECTEC ST-425E-3MTY Tuya Light Bulb Port

(Available) $34.00

Product code:1364 (2062Hits)
Cable VGA 1080p 10M

(Available) $8.00

Product code:7584 (870Hits)
Repair Glass Glue tools

(Available) $4.00

Product code:4770 (1529Hits)
Car Tire Pressure Digital 5in1

(Available) $10.00

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Digital Voice Recorder 8GB

(No Stock) $17.00

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Umbrella Head Wear double-layer 77CM

(No Stock) $6.00

Product code:8880 (250Hits)
USB3.0 Extension Cable XO NB220 male to female 3M

(No Stock) $5.00

Product code:8568 (498Hits)
Camera Car 2in1 with back camera Q50

(Available) $29.00

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Sandwich Maker 850W RAF R.207S

(Available) $11.00

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Earphone Bluetooth Neckband hoco ES69 Platinum

(Available) $6.00

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hard wax beans 180g

(No Stock) $5.00

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Case Clear Soft Color Full PTN127 iPhone XS MAX

(Available) $2.00

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DSP hair dryer 1400W Model:30386

(Available) $14.50

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Case Lens Cover PTN157 iPhone 13pro max

(No Stock) $2.70

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Power Charger Hoco CS13 20W (PD/QC/FCP/AFC)

(No Stock) $2.70

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Citrus Juicer Mixdor 1.2L 25W RAF R-638

(Available) $15.00