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Product Code : 6236
Car Bluetooth FM transmitter S8
ប្លូធូឡាន FM បញ្ជូនសំលេង S8

(Available) $10.00 $4.00

Products Description
Bluetooth versie: V4.2 + EDR
Frequentie: 20 h-20 kHz
Gevoeligheid: 42 ~ 360dB +/-3dB
Voltage: 5 V +/-0.5 V
Werkende stroom: 45mA (maximale)
Standby stroom: 25mA (maximale)
Frequentie: 2.402-2.480 GHz
Effectieve afstand: 5 meter
RF output: 4dBm
FM frequentie: 87.5-108 MHz
Zendvermogen: 87 dbuv/107 dbuv
Effectieve afstand: 2 meter

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Car Seat storage Box Leather CSS01

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Power Car Charger hoco Z46 QC/FCP/AFC

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Power Car Charger Hoco ​Z36 Cable Micro

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Car Lock Brake with Steering Stainless steel

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Car Bluetooth FM transmitter XO BCC07(Lightning+TypeC+Micro)

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Card Reader hoco HB20 (USB2)

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Converter TYPE-C to TYPE-C Music/USB 3.0 OTG 2in1

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Camera Bullet 360° Wifi 4M Alarm SECTEC ST-429-4M-TY Tuya

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Air Inflatable floating fish INTEX#59223

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NVR Hikvision DS-7608NI-E1

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Lock Alarm 110dba

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Alarm Fire Smoke JTY-GD-SA1201

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Converter Lightning to HDMI+Lightning XO HUB005

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Speaker Bluetooth XO F27

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DSP hair dryer 1400W Model:30386

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Cable Charger 2in1 hoco X54(Micro/Lightning)

(Available) $2.50

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Lens Protector hoco 3D Metal A18 iPhone13 mini/13

(Available) $2.50

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Vacuum cleaner Sonifer 2200w SF-2218

(No Stock) $49.00

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Coffee cup vacuum A8814 1000ml

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Earphone Bluetooth XO BE8

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Speaker Radio Bluetooth L-238

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