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Product Code : 5070
Charger Wireless AirPods hoco CW18
ឆ្នាំងសាកអត់ប្រើខ្សែ កាស់ Apple ហូកូ CW18

(Available) $15.00 $1.00

Products Description
1. Charging case input: DC5V/1.0A max.
2. Wireless output: DC5V/0.5A.
3. Wireless charging conversion rate: ≥72%.
Charging frequency: 110-205 kHz.
Executive Standard: QI.
4. Charging case material: PC + silicone.
5. Charging case size: 51*64.5*29.5mm, weight: 30g.
6. US Texas Ti high-end chip.

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Screen Protector UV Samsung S21

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