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Product Code : 3576
Charger Wireless HOCO CW11 QC3.0
ឆ្នាំងសាកអត់ប្រើខ្សែ ហូកូ CW11

(Available) $25.00 $8.00

Products Description
CW11 Wisewind wireless fast home office desktop charger 10W QC3.0 charging support phone stand holder
1. Input: DC5V / 2.0A 9V / 1.8A MAX.
2. Wireless output: 10W, transmission distance: 5-8mm.
3. Wireless charging conversion rate: ≥ 72%, charging frequency: 110-205 kHz.
4. Compatibility: 99% or more of smartphones with wireless charging function.
5. L * W * H: 114.5 * 69 * 74mm, weight: 123g.
Note: Need to be equipped with QC3.0 charger.

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