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Product Code : 1223
Lamp Light USB
អំពូល ប្រើ USB

(Available) $0.50

Products Description
- portable USB LED light
- Can be used on anywhere, powered by devices with USB port
- Unique foldable design, also has a light weight
- Ultra bright with low power consumption
- Nominal Voltage: 5V
- Rated Power: 1.2W
- Color: White / Blue / Green / Red / Orange

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Desk Lamp LED Pen Holder Cartoon Box Pen DLL05

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Night Lamp LED Switch style 11

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Torch Flashlight LED W591 8000mah 20W+Tripod

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GamePad Mobile Joystick MN Metal

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Cable HDMI XO GB001 8K ULTRA-HD 3m

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Camera Car 2in1 with back camera Q50

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Switch BOX HDMI to 4HDMI 4K

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Flash OTG TypeC/USB 3.0 XO DK03 128GB

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Lock Finger Print P3+

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Glass yellow color night vision alloy frame

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Smart Watch hoco Y9 Smart sports (Call Version)

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Holder Stand Desk iPad/Tablet W9

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Converter TypeC/AUX to AUX 3.5mmXO NB-R178B 2in1

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Waterproofing tape silver 1Roll 20cm*10m

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Case Clear Hard back Color PTN131 iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Holder Car Hoco CA62 rear pillow

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Vacuum Plastic bag (100pcs) 17*25cm A1

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